Bob Loblaw QAS and Bent Productions
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged & revised)
by Adam Long, Daniel Singer & Jess Winfield

Dates and Venue 21 – 30 July 2011, Tue - Sat at 8pm (previews on 20 & 21 July) | Jericho Arts Centre, 1675 Discovery Street

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

On Thursday, July 21 I was entertained by 3 talented performers: Robin Chung, Sean Parsons, and Dave Ortynsky. I have never seen Shakespeare done in such a humorous original way and I truly enjoyed the experience. I dare anyone to do Hamlet backwards as well as these three young men did. They did 37 Shakespeare plays in just over 97 minutes. There was a lot of territory to cover for only three performers and they managed to pull it off and did not skip a beat in their lines. To see three men in frilly white shirts be it Shakespeare time or not is humorous in itself but add the sparkling green groin cloth, men dressed in women’s wigs and dresses and the laughter began. What do you get when you take the T out of Othello? “O Hello!” Yes, corny but fun.

The Jericho Arts Centre is a small casual theatre. The audience is close to the stage and they may find themselves in part of the production as one young lady was. There was often fake puking towards the audience since they were in close range. Some audience members may not find this funny but the audience took it in stride. David Jones did a fine job in directing and we enjoyed the performance.

Titus cooking a human head act was one of the poorer parts of the production. I didn’t find a whole lot of humor in it.

If you are a member of the audience you may make the mistake of coming through the wrong curtain and wind up on the stage which happened to one gent. If you do you will be in the spot light by the actors and audience so if you embarrass easily make sure you find the right entrance. This only added more laughs to a fun evening.

© 2011 Karen Fitzgibbon