DanceHouse and Dancers of Damelahamid
Elle Sofe Sara’s Vástádus eana – The answer is land

When & Where February 23 & 24, 2024 at 8pm | Vancouver Playhouse, 600 Hamilton St.

Choreography Elle Sofe Sara & Alexandra Wingate Dramaturge Thomas Schaupp Costume Design Elle Sofe Sara and Ramona Salo Set Design Elin Melberg Lighting Design Øystein Heitmann

Performers Nora Svenning, Julie Moviken, Viija Tjemsland Kwasney, Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska, Olga-LiseHomen, Greta Daling, Emma Elliane Oskal Valkeapáá

Reviewer John Jane

Elle Sofe Sara’s spiritually-centred new work Vástádus eana is part dance, part singing and part celebration, but also a cultural commentary on reclamation and ethnic Identity. The audience watches the performance for the first twenty minutes standing outside on the adjacent plaza. Full review



DanceHouse and The Cultch

Gravity & Other Myths’ The Mirror

When & Where January 24 - 27, 2024 at 8pm | Vancouver Playhouse, 600 Hamilton St.

Director Darcy Grant Set & Lighting Design Matt Adey Costume Design Renate Henschke Sound Design Mik La Vage Original Music Composition Ekrem Eli Phoenix

Performers Emily Gare, Hamish McCourtey,Isabell Estrella, Jack Manson, Jordan Hart, Josh Strachan, Lewis Rankin, Maya Tregonning, Megan Giesbrecht & (vocalist) Megan Drury

Reviewer John Jane

Ten performers –five men and five women including Megan Drury who supplies the off-kilter vocals throughout the show take to the Vancouver Playhouse stage. The troupe has already performed this production at Sydney’s famous Opera House and at the Chamäleon Theater in Berlin, Germany. Full review




A Winter’s Twist Choreographed by Davi Rodrigues

When & Where December 12 + 13, 2023, 7:30pm | The Centennial Theatre, 2300 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver

Music Philippe Leduc & Maria Bonzanigo, Jean-FrancoisCote & Rene Dupere, Ennio Morricone Additional Music Murray Grant Set and Costume Design Davi Rodrigues Lighting Design Brad Trenaman

Reviewer Nancie Ottem

The Christmas spirit with all its magic was on display at the Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver with the production of A Winter’s Twist. Full of the magic that delights kids and adults alike, A Winter’s Twist encompasses the many enchanting expressions we love to take in during the holiday season. Full review



The Dance House
Kidd Pivot - Assembly Hall

When & Where October 25 to October 28, 2023 | Vancouver Playhouse, 600 Hamilton Street Choreographer / Director Crystal Pite Writer/ Director Jonathon Young Composition and Sound Designer Owen Belton, Alessandro Juliani and Meg Roe Scenic Designer Jay Gower Taylor Costume Designer Nancy Bryant Lighting Designer Tom Visser

Reviewer Nancie Ottem

A knight in shining armour, a damsel in distress, a dated school auditorium, a stage within a stage, all conspire to give a sense of time floating through time with the vissisitudes of the human condition a thread that binds the story in Assembly Hall. Full review



Rocío Molina. Photo by Simone FratiniDance House/Vancouver International Flamenco Festival
Fallen from Heaven (Caida del Cielo) Compania Rocio Molina

When & Where September 27-30 at 8pm | Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 Hastings St.,Vancouver

Artistic Co-Director, Choreography & Musical Director Rocio Molina Artistic Co-Director Carlos Marquerie Composer Eduardo Trassierra Costume Design Cecilia Molano Lighting Carlos Marquerie, Antonio Valiente Sound Javier Alvarez

Reviewer Elizabeth Paterson

Flying feet, driving percussion and the mesmerising voice of flamenco were all present and not at all correct in Fallen from Heaven, Rocio Molinas' performance for this year's Vancouver International Flamenco Festival. Full review

Dancing on the Edge
Wen Wei Dance and ADARTE Compagnia: Barocco Rave

Artistic Director & Choreography Wen Wei Wang and Francesca Lettieri Costume Design Linda Chow Lighting Design Jonathan Kim Sound Design Sammy Chien
Dancers Ariana Barr, Alexis Fletcher, Adrian De Leeuw and Matthew Wyllie

When & Where July 6 at 7pm: July 7 at 9pm, 2023 | Firehall Arts Centre

Reviewer Nancie Ottem

Dancing on the Edge Festival opened its 35th year at the Firehall Arts Centre with the Canadian premiere of Wen Wei Dance and ADARTE Compagnia’s Barocco Rave. Wen Wei Wang has a long and storied history of dance in Vancouver and now is the artistic director of Ballet Edmonton. Full review