a review of the arts scene in Vancouver and beyond

Established by Ed Farolan in 1996, reviewVancouver, originally and long known simply as the review, has published several hundreds of reviews of arts events in Vancouver and beyond in its years of existence as an e-zine. Indeed, the yearly average now reaches well over 200 reviews. In 2001, John Stape who designed the site as it is today became its first webmaster, and in 2007, John Jane took over and continues to be its webmaster.

We maintain cordial and lively relations with a host of professional and amateur organizations in Vancouver and elsewhere, attempting to cover as much as we can of the concerts, theatrical and operatic performances, concerts, and live events throughout a season.

As well as publicizing events far afield, our forays outside our geographical home base help us to keep on our toes and give a wider perspective to our views.

We are deliberately eclectic, taking into our purview not only the main tradition of the great classics in music and drama but up-to-date and experimental work and cover popular special events such as the Vancouver Film Festival and the concerts of Coastal Jazz and Blues Society, including the annual Vancouver International Jazz Fesival. Our Archives testify to the variety and depth of our interest in the arts.

Believing that vitality in the arts relies upon engagement and personal involvement, we welcome criticism in turn. Write us!

The views of our reviewers remain their own, as is always said, and we certainly have no theoretical or ideological axes to grind -- other than fostering a happy variety of viewpoints and covering what is happening as we see and hear it.

We appreciate the support given to reviewVancouver over the years by the city's arts organizations and their publicists, and look forward to their continuing support.

founding editor: ed farolan

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