An Exhibition by David Robinson, Sculptor

Dates and Venue 10 March - 2 April 2011 | The Windsor Gallery, 3015 Granville St.

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

The enormous 10-foot sculpture of Equestrian Monument commanded my attention as I walked through the Winsor Gallery door last Saturday. An animated powerful horse with a rider bound with ropes left much to my imagination. This vision of Robinson’s of polymer and gypsum took 8 months to complete and Robinson gave credit to his mentor Joe Caveno for his assistance in its creation.

The other modern works of steel (out there), were mind challenging sculptures such as: Retrogenesis (bronze and steel), Suspended Figure (sterling silver and steel), Diviner (bronze and steel), Celestial Navigation, Sliding Scale, and Nexus (sterling silver and cement). They brought me to an awareness of Robinson’s highly technical perception of balance and well executed design.

Being a Libra I was rather drawn to the Sliding Scale also made of steel which had a person on a balance with an arced piece of steel. Only Robinson knows the full meaning of this one. I really liked the dimension (as in spatial) of his works.

Robinson is a cool down-to-earth artist who said that he always wanted to do sculpture and has been doing so since his childhood. My impression from his works was that Robinson did not learn to do sculpture; he was born a sculptor.

The reception was a full house and I did have to wade my way through a large crowd of smiling faces in order to be able to see the art. Well, I guess that was a good thing. All in all it was a success and is a success and I would recommend that you take your art connoisseur friends down and take in David Robinson’s sleek and innovative works.

© 2011 Karen Fitzgibbon