For Even If Many Years Unite You, One Day They Will Seem Like Minutes - oil on canvas
Autumn - oil on canvas


Vitaly Medvedovsky: Tales from the Outskirts

Dates and Venue 10 February – 5 March 2011 | Winsor Gallery, 3025 Granville Street

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

Vitaly Medvedovsky is a young and talented painter who was born in the former USSR.

The Old Bathtub by Vitaly Medvedovsky

As I entered the Winsor Gallery, “The Tree”, an enormous oil on canvas painting 78”x 55” immediately pulled me into Vitaly’s mind. With his very personal style, his creations made me breath with new life.” He is an artist who has taken the risk to let me in. The paintings are very large and surreal with many in which Vitaly has included his own image. It becomes very cerebral trying to discern exactly what thought processes are going on from painting to painting. What or who does that shark represent that Vitaly is trying to escape from in “The Boat”? I like the challenge in his art works. They pull you in and make you question and solve? Ah! But only Vitaly can solve them. After all it is his dream. There is “The Hunt” a painting depicting a winter scene of a hunter with a bugle on horseback except that the horse is wooden and the two characters holding the reins are dwarfed in size. You will be left with the question, “Yes, but what does it all mean?”

Vitaly is a soft spoken deep artist who has shared some of his memories of the former USSR and his surreal thoughts through his many works. I look forward to his future shows.

The Winsor Gallery staff was professional and courteous. The exhibit was well displayed and I would highly recommend this extremely unique art exhibition.

© 2010 Karen Fitzgibbon