David Nykl


Provost Pictures

The Beast of Bottomless Lake

Date and Venue 15 July, 6:30-11:30 pm. | Denman Place Cinema, 1779 Comox St., Vancouver

Reviewer Ed Farolan

The first feature film from Provost Pictures and starring David Nykl is done in a comic vein. This film parallels the Loch Ness myth (or reality?) of a giant serpentlike creature called Ogopogo living deep in the waters of Lake Okanagan.

UBC professor Dr. Paul Moran, a cryptozoologist, who grew up in the valley forms a team to search for it. They embark on a series of hilarious adventures to prove the existence of the creature mainly because the city is offering a two-million dollar reward for incontrovertible proof that the creature exists.

The docudrama/reality show approach of the production is quite interesting. I like this film and I'm sure if you go and see it with your funny bone intact, you'll surely laugh all the way from start to finish.

Nykl is a natural comic as he plays the ill-fated and always unlucky Dr. Moran.His plans and strategies to come up with proofs of the creature always backfire, and his team finally quits on him.

This is the kind of film BC filmmakers should produce, films that need to be exported so that Canada, and particularly BC, will get tourists coming over to inject more money into our economy, especially the Okanagan Valley.

© 2011 Ed Farolan