Vitaly Beckman

Sensation of Magic: Vitaly Beckman

Dates and Venues 10 - 21 April 2012 @ Havana Theatre 26 & 27 April @ Inlet Theatre in Port Moody, and 18 & 19 May @ Presentation House in North Vancouver

Reviewer Ed Farolan


In 2010, two of our reviewers, Cassie Silva and Melanie Ewan reviewed Vitaly Beckman's show. He is here again until May 19 presenting in different venues in the Lower Mainland. I saw him in Havana last Tuesday together with an audience of around 15. We came out of the show pleased and amazed at his magic tricks. He even shook everyone's hands and he remembered reviewvancouver when I introduced myself.

Beckman himself said that if we truly believe that we can do the impossible, then it can be done. As in all things, it takes practice. Developing telekinesis, for example, needs focus, concentration and practice. Just before writing this review, I checked some videos in YouTube on this subject matter, and there was a 10 year old who was moving objects with his mind. The word "trick" doesn't really reflect the talent of a magician. I believe magicians have special powers that all of us have but need to develop.

The "tricks"Beckman did two years ago when he did his shows in the Lower Mainland were practically the same ones he did last Tuesday night, including levitating spoons, a paintbrush that paints on its own, and card tricks that dazzled even the skeptics in the audience. I was impressed by one act when Beckman asked an audience member to help chain his two hands to a chair, then hang the keys on a string a few feet in front of him. He then “telekinetically” started swinging the string back and forth until he was able to grasp the keys in his mouth and unlock himself.

Another mind-blowing "trick" was an illusion in which a bus in a photograph seemed to drive out of the picture. Another one was making pictures from a magazine come alive, including a butterfly that comes out of a painting and starts flying before your eyes! Amazing indeed.

Beckman who is originally from Eastern Europe interlaces his magic with his humor. When he introduced himself at the start of the show, he said he was a Russian who spoke French and looked like Seinfeld.

© 2012 Ed Farolan