Sensation of Magic featuring Vitaly Beckman

Dates and Venue 17 - 21 August, 2010 | Havana Theatre, Commercial Drive

Reviewer Melanie Ewan

Tuesday evening I found myself with two friends in the Havana theatre for a magic show; Sensation of Magic. None of us had been to a magic show since we were children, and while we had no idea what to expect, we did know that we all really excited to be there.

With sixty seats, the Havana Theatre is quite small, which provides an intimate setting for a magic show. We decided to sit in the front row, while secretly hoping that we would not be picked as volunteers for any trick. From the first moment that Beckman appeared he had a smile on his face, clearly enjoying every moment of his work. And why shouldn’t he? He has become known for his ability to capture the imagination of persons young and old, and he has the distinction of having created every trick we saw on his own.

His act included levitating objects, items appearing seemingly from no-where, mind reading, ‘super vision’, and much more. While there were definitely some tricks that were better than others, I can honestly say that I enjoyed the entire night, even the part where I was dragged up as a “volunteer” to assist him with an illusion in which a bus in a photograph seemed to drive out of the picture.

The audience seemed genuinely amazed by Beckman’s talent, and spent the night laughing at his jokes and being shocked at the appropriate times. I think that this magic show provides a great night of good old fashioned fun. Sure you could probably figure out most of the secrets if you really wanted to, but where’s the fun in that? If you’re looking for an entertaining way to spend your evening with friends or family, no matter the age, this is a great place to start.

© 2010 Melanie Ewan