The Playhouse Theatre Company

Stones in his Pockets
by Marie Jones

Venue: Vancouver Playhouse
Dates: 27 September - 25 October 2003

Reviewer: Jane Penistan


Director Glynis Leyshon Costume design Kate King Set and Lighting design Alan Brodie Composer/Sound design John Mann and Hugh McMillan Stage manager Jessica Chambers

Stones in his pockets

This wonderfully witty and perceptive comedy is an appropriate opening for the 41st season of the Vancouver Playhouse. It promises great entertainment to come if this is the standard set for the season.

The clever, mobile set never overpowers the two actors in the cast, nor do scene changes interrupt the flow of the action of the play as it moves from place to place smoothly and seamlessly. The lighting and sound are so well integrated into the performance that they are almost unnoticed.

Directed by Glynis Leshon, Dean Paul Gibson and Vincent Gale portray no less than 15 characters. So skilled are these two actors, that though they change characters at the turn of a heel or the switch of a cap, there is no doubt as to who each character is. Glynis Leyshon has seen to it that no role is exaggerated. Some may feel that Vincent Gale's Old Mickey is the stage Irishman gaffer. Isn't he the last surviving extra from "The Quiet Man" and hasn't he the right to be the stage-Irish aged villager. Here he is again an extra and this time he knows his rights, how to manage his fellow extras and





how to exploit those clever dick "film people". Those film people in the person of Dean Paul Gibson range through Clem Curtis, the director, his harassed first assistant director, and his leading lady, the seductive and temperamental Caroline Giovanni. And then there is the Production Assistant in charge of extras, Aisling, Vincent Gale again.

So close are tears and laughter in this satirical comedy, even in the presence of tragedy there is still cunning and laughter. Has there ever been a wake where merriment was absent even in the presence of sorrow?

Stones in his Pockets is an evening of brilliant acting and great entertainment, the Playhouse has a winner here.

Stones in his Pockets runs at the Vancouver Playhouse, Hamilton and Dunsmuir, Monday -Saturday at 8.00 p.m. with matinees on Saturdays and select Wednesdays and Thursdays at 2.00 p.m. There are no shows on Sundays, Tuesday Oct 14 and 21 or Monday Oct 20. For information about special performances, reservations and tickets contact the Playhouse Audience Services Office 604-873-3311 or Ticketmaster 604-280-3311.


2003, Jane Penistan