The Shakespeare Project

Much Ado About Nothing
by William Shakespeare

Venue: St. Paul's Anglican Church
Dates: 2-3 May 2003

Reviewer: Jane Penistan




The Savage God Emergent Experimental Ensemble Director John Juliani
Stage Manager John Paterson


With little apparent ado The Shakespeare Project has moved from Christ Church Cathedral to St Paul's Anglican Church. Amid Friday night's downtown hockey play-off, Shakespeare's comedy proceeded in an orderly fashion with sharp wit and repartee being exchanged with speed and clarity.

While the acting space in the church is considerably smaller than in the cathedral, the acoustics are much better. With no microphones and little echo the actors were audible and convincing. Reg Tupper enjoyed Benedicke's ostentatious teasing and was well put down by the elegant and equally quick humour of Gwynyth Walsh's Beatrice.





As always, Keith Martin Gordey turned in a solid and well studied performance as Leonato. Nicole Leroux was charming as the wronged Hero. Dogberry (William Samples) and the Watch provided comic relief, lightening the sombre and bitter second half of the play.

St. Paul'sThe next Shakespeare Project will be Measure for Measure on 27-28 June 2003 at St Paul's Anglican Church, Jervis Street at 19.00.

Tickets: Pay what you can at the door. For reservations and more information call 604.682.3848 ext.30, or e-mail, or visit the website

2003, Jane Penistan