Arts Club Theatre Company

Fully Committed
by Becky Mode

Venue: Granville Island Stage
Dates: 22 May - 28 June 2003

Reviewer: Jane Penistan


in association with Spoke Productions Inc., Richard Martini and Jonathan Reinis and Marquis Entertainment Inc.


Original director: Nicholas Martin Restaging:: Daniel Goldstein Vancouver director:Ethan Sandler Scenic design James Noone Sound design (Vancouver) John Lott and Sounds Alive Lighting design Frances Aronson Stage manager Brian Conrad




Mark McKinney, photo by David CooperThis one man show brilliantly performed by Mark McKinney, is a breath taking ninety minutes of satirical, witty monologue delivered nonstop by the actor in a multitude of caricatures.

In the dingy basement reservations office of a trendy New York restaurant Sam takes incoming calls. Sam is an out of work actor, waiting to hear from his agent, or a producer, the result of a recent audition. He is alone in the office to cope with calls from irate customers, demanding celebrities, and foreign tourists. The internal telephone puts him at the mercy of the supercilious maitre d', Jean Claude, and the volatile, temperamental chef.

Other personalities who are put on hold or immediately answered are Sam's widowed father who wants Sam home for Christmas, his office relief, who is pleading car trouble and a gloating actor who has been cast in the part to which Sam was aspiring . All the characters, and there
are about three dozen of them, are played by McKinney. Both by voice and gesture each



separate personality is clearly defined, so that there is no confusion over whom Sam is conversing with at the other end of the line. There is the furious Mrs. Sebag whose reservation has been lost and Bryce, secretary to a famous model who demands a vegan menu and a change of light bulbs. At the end of the day, Sam, in his quiet way, triumphs. It is the clever lightning speed switching of personality that keeps this show moving and interesting throughout, while the lighting department ably abets the changes of place and mood. This is a tour de force performance and a very funny one.

Anyone needing a good laugh - and who isn't- should catch this show at the Granville Island Stage before it is Fully Committed. It is likely to be sold out very quickly, if the opening night enthusiasm is anything to go by.

Fully Committed runs at the Granville Island Stage until June 28, 2003. For tickets, reservations and information call The Arts Club Box Office at 604-687-1644, or Ticketmaster, 604-280-3311. Or visit

2003, Jane Penistan