Metro Theatre Centre

Cinderella: A Musical Pantomime for the Whole Family

Venue: Metro Theatre
Dates:19 December 2003 - 10 January 2004

Reviewer: Jane Penistan




Director Paul Kloegman Musical Director Scott Knight Choreographer Charmaine Nobes Costume design Naomi Lazarus Set design Blake Drezet Lighting design Brent Rossington Stage manager Heather Main




Whether you are young or old, a pre- Christmas or Boxing Day or New Yearís Day regular panto-goer, the excitement is still the same. Cinderella at the Metro is in the best pantomime tradition, a glittering extravaganza.

Blake Drezet's beautifully artistic set puts you in the picture as soon as the lights go down. The piano and percussion sound ....and the curtain goes up. Yes, live music from start to finish and very lively it is. Buttons, the handsome John Cousins, gets the audience into the performance with his encouragement to shout back. The mysterious cloaked figure of an old woman puts the fairy tale in motion, and with the appearance of the youthful ensemble of singers and dancers happily and energetically filling the scene, the pantomime is up and running

The familiar story unwinds in Baron Stoneybroke's domain, or in the woods where a delightful squirrel dances with such grace and poise, or in the royal palace of Prince Charming. All these sets are charming story book illustrations.

Cinderella (Lexy Campbell) is a pretty girl with two outrageously ugly sisters in the forms of Lady Valderma and





 Lady Germolina, played in true pantomime tradition by David Campbell and Jason Groves. The principal boy, Prince Charming, is the shapely Marian Horton, ably abetted by his/her equerry Dandini, Alexandria Beck. Baron Stoneygroke, (Spencer Snashall) looks too youthful to have spawned two such daughters as Lady Valderma and Lady Germolina, but in a fairy story, anything is possible. The Fairy Godmother, who makes wonderful things happen, is the tuneful Kirsten Price, also the mysterious old lady of the opening scenes.

The chorus of young dancers and singers are well drilled. Their enjoyment and energy overflows the stage into the auditorium. All the cast is colourfully dressed, their costumes in perfect keeping with the romantic scenery. There is much ingenuity in the magical transformation scenes, but the picturesque is never lost.

If you are unfamiliar with the fun and tradition of pantomime, here is your chance to enjoy a new experience. If you are an afficionado, here's your annual fix in all its glory. Don't miss it.

Cinderella runs at the Metro Theatre, 1370 Marine Drive December 19, 2003 - January 10, 2004 with matinees at 2.00 p.m. on selected days. For more information, reservations and tickets telephone the Metro Theatre Box Office at 604- 266- 7191, or visit hhtp: //


© 2003, Jane Penistan