Metro Theatre

Caught in the Net
By Ray Cooney

Venue: Metro Theatre
Dates: 30 August - 27 September 2003

Reviewer: Jane Penistan


Director Paul Kloegman Set decoration Kristine Kavalac & Henriette Chabot Costumes Nikki Caine Lighting design Jeremy Mitchell Sound design Paul Kloegman Stage manager Brendan Abbott





Opening its 41st season with a hilarious farce Metro Theatre is putting a final flourish on the summer and joyously opening a new programme of seven future entertaiments. This production is fast paced family confusion in the irreverent way only the British can. Two households with a single father between them but each a mother, plus one adolescent son and one nubile daughter sound like a recipe for confusion and misconception. Add to the mix a lodger and his somewhat senile father.

As far as John Smith (David Campbell), the father of both households, is concerned never the twain shall meet. But his son in one home and his daughter in the other have different ideas and young love seems destined to be thwarted. With the aid of his friendly lodger, David Gardner, brilliantly played by John Cousins, Smith lays plans to keep the young'uns, who have met elsewhere, apart. He is also at pains to keep his two wives, Barbara (Roslyn Winther) and Mary (Jodi Mason) from discovering his double life also with Gardner's help.

As this is romantic fun all ends happily, after unexpected turns of events.

The single set very cleverly encompasses both suburban London house interiors which all the cast use with speed and precision, never putting a foot wrong in either. Needless to say, there is a plethora of doors and a staircase to the lodger's apartment, all of which are slammed, locked or defended at various crucial moments.

This is a light hearted and hugely comic script brought to life by director Paul Kloegman and his energetic and tireless cast. If you want a good evening of non-stop belly laughs, Caught in the Net will provide.

The play runs at the Metro Theatre Centre, 1370 S.W. Marine Drive, Wednesday - Saturday, August 30 - September 27 2003, at 8.00 p.m. For tickets, reservations and further information call 604-266-7191 or log on to hhtp://

2003, Jane Penistan