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Women at Play(s) 2

Event Director Andree Karas Event Co-ordinator Marianne Sawchuk Light and Sound Jason Leane Stage Manager Susan Currielarco

Dates and Venue 4 - 13 January 2007 @ Jericho Arts Centre Reviewer Jane Penistan

9 directors, 26 actors, 9 plays all in one evening! What a marathon! The Second Annual Women at Play(s) presents this evening of 9 plays by women authors with considerable aplomb. The various works show women in a kaleidoscope of situations and moods, contemplative, or questioning, funny or tragic, as monologue, duo or company presentations.

The stage management is almost impeccable, with scene changes, lighting and music all contributing to the fast running of this anthology of short plays. The fact that nine works are presented in a bare two hours, is evidence of this.

This is an opportunity for young actors and directors to show their work, in company with that of more experienced members of the profession, and to learn from them. The contrasting works supply a wealth of problems and concerns for women, together with their endurance, courage and humour in dealing with them. It is impossible to criticize each production in depth, in a short review and a lengthy one could be deadly boring.

Suffice it to say that this event is never boring, always interesting and surprising, enthralling the audience in its short two hours of Women at Play(s). The best thing is to go and enjoy it and laugh and cry with this talented, intergenerational company in an evening of contemporary theatre.

© 2007 Jane Penistan