Naked Goddess Productions
Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott

Dates and Venue March 1 - 12, 2016 | Havana Theatre, 1212 Commercial Drive

Director Michelle Ferguson Set Design John R Taylor Stage Manager Maria Denholme

Cast Eric Regimbald, Asheley O’Connell, Angelo Renai, Sandra Medeiros, Brent Clark,Anelie Love, Madeline Angel

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

The well designed stage makes a very good first impression as we enter the theatre; it’s an entire apartment in a small place. My compliments go out to set designer John Taylor.

Wait Until Dark has such a good story line. It is unique since a blind woman, Susy played by Medeiros is a victim and heroine all in the same package. When a doll filled with drugs falls into the wrong hands then innocent people find themselves facing dangerous criminals.

We often take for granted our amazing ability to be able to see. Yet, since we have sight our other senses may not be as keen as a blind person’s. They hear what we do not and are more aware of smells and noises. When thugs are left in the dark the blind woman is in control.

The roles played by the big thug Harry played by Renai and the little girl Gloria are believable, I do find that there is a tad of overacting with the rest of the cast. This play has so much for an actor to sink their teeth into but I think last night’s performance fell short of what could have been achieved. There are a few scenes where actions are awkward and lack of confidence show in the lines.

It seems to me that a production gets better and better after each performance. I think Wait Until Dark will do just that. If you decide to go down to the Havana Theatre do take a seat cushion with you unless you already have more padding than you know what to do with. After all we just want you to be comfortable.

© 2016 Karen Fitzgibbon