Zachary Stevenson


Never Shoot a Stampede QueenWest End Productions
Never Shoot a Stampede Queen

Dates and Venue 10 - 25 May, 8pm | Granville Island Stage

Reviewer Ed Farolan

How Zachary Stevenson (the Arts Club’s Buddy Holly) could do a one-man show and get the audience laughing and focused for 80 minutes is amazing, This comedy, directed and dramaturged by TJ Dawe, and adapted for the stage from the Leacock Medal winning book by Leiren-Young, is a collection of true life tall tales from BC’s real-life wild west.

In the programme, we see actual photos Leiren-Younf took of the Stampede Queens in a rodeo he covered at Williams Lake. They're not very appetizing, but that's what his editor published because that's how they really looked. Other stories he covered and dramatized by Stevenson were his concerns about discrimination of the natives called "troopers" who lived in warehouses with no toilet facilities and heating, especially when the temperature went down as low as minus 60 below zero, and another story about highway traffic where a little boy fell in the middle of a road and almost got run over by a logging truck.

These and other stories were narrated and acted out by Stevenson. Leiren-Young was a young journalist who took on a job as a reported for The Williams Lake Tribune after he graduated from the University of Victoria in the mid-80s. He now works as the theatre critic for The Vancouver Sun.

This was an entertaining show and the audience responded positively to this comedy .

© 2013 Ed Farolan