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SpaceRock Theatre Co.
Gee Wilikers, SPACE! by Tony Maggio and Katherine Stadel

Dates and Venue 6 - 11 May 2013 | Renegade Studios, 125 E 2nd Ave., Vancouver

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This is something unique in Vancouver's musical theatre in that it's a musical comedy that takes place in the far reaches of the galaxy. Sci-fi is the trend these days and mixing sci-fi with dance and song is something that hasn't yet been done here in Vancouver.

The story line goes that when planet Earth runs out of Magnorious (the most utilized element since high-fructose corn syrup), two brave teams of space-warriors embark on a toe tapping musical-filled adventure, in search of the glorious Magnorious. A take-off from Star Wars and other serials we watch on TV and film, this musical adds multi-media effects--a black and white film in the background similar to those old-fashioned newsreels of the 1940s, and a 3-person live band (Mark Richardson, Michael Chang, and Daniel Fortin) to boot.

The songs by Katherine Stadel, Toni Maggio and Jane Milliken are original, except for the Led Zeppelin "Stairway to Heaven", and were performed with humour and grace by the company composed of Deanna Overland, Matt Loop, Stefanie Dreyer, Colin Lane, Toni Maggio, Leslie Dos Remedios, Mike Balser, Adam Abrams, Jacob MacKinon, Michelle T. Baynton, Scott McGrath, Jennifer Riehl, Mike Copley, Erica Prodanuk and Bodhi Biggs.

Choreography by Emily Nadeau was sci-marvelous; Costume Designer Charlene Rowley did a nice job; Jane Milliken's musical direction and composition was fabulous; the ol' fashioned video editing by Adam Abrams was original; good work from Stage Manager Erica Leduc; Lighting Design by John Bessette was great; Sound Designer Ace Martens gave us that eerie space sound effects; Set Constructors Chris White and Tim Hastings did a nice sci-fi job; and overall technical direction by Cody Stadel and Tyler Martin tuned in well with the whole production. .

I think the company should bring this to off-Broadway New York because it's something innovative. Perhaps bring it first to the bigger venues like Waterfront Theatre or the community theatres in town, such as Abbotsford, Langley, White Rock, Surrey Arts Centre and the North Vancouver community theatres. I'm sure it's going to be a big hit in these communities and of course, New York.

© 2013 Ed Farolan