Singin' in the Rain

Dates and Venue 9 July - 21 August @ 8pm | Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park, Vancouver

Reviewer Anita York

Screeching fingernails on a blackboard coupled with sandpaper on rough wood sends shivers down your spine with the voice of Lina Lamont (Cailin Stadnyk), the Monumental Pictures Star from “Nua Youk”.  She did, however, give a tremendous performance as the silent movie star who definitely was not a talking pictures singer. That voice!!

Lindsay Sterk (Don Lockwood), the other Monumental Pictures Star, appeared to be a little too cautious during his solo performance of "I'm Singing in the Rain". He came across looking a bit like the Tin-Man of The Wizard of Oz, afraid of slipping in the rain on the wet stage, perhaps fearful that he might in essence literally "break a leg". In fact, the orchestra conductor, Tanya Saunders, seemed to be having more fun during the number than Sterk was.

Lauren Bowler (Kathy Selden), as the Contract Player, filled Debbie Reynold's shoes of the original movie musical quite commendably with her terrific performance. Her voice was like a cold drink of water on a scorching day, compared to poor Lina Lamont’s thirst-provoking squawk. Neil Minor (Cosmo Brown) as the Studio Piano Player, really stole the show with his “Aw, shucks, anyone can do this!” attitude. His ambience and charismatic personality really came through as Neil Minor, and he truly lit up the stage.

Lori Zondag (Zelda Zanders), Lina’s ever so phoney closest cheek-smooching friend, did a very good job of making you want to throw up with her kissy, kissy, finger-wagging motions. On the other hand, Fred Galloway (R.F. Simpson), definitely held his own as the ever-bewildered Head of Monumental Pictures. Jameson Parker (Roscoe Dexter)--Oh where, oh where, did they find his hideous flamboyant outfits? Although quite fittingly, he did portray his part very well as the outrageous Director.

A well deserved two thumbs up to all the singers and dancers, who performed their tightly choreographed manoeuvres, as well as the production staff and orchestra. I must admit ever so humbly, I am not an avid fan of musical theatre. Nevertheless, this rendition of the classic "Singin' in the Rain" will leave you with a smile on your face and humming, “I’m Singin' in the Rain”…

© 2010 Anita York