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gut.see productions


Written by Stewart Lemoine Directed by Courtenay Dobbie

Dates 21 June-01 July 2006 Venue Pacific Theatre, Vancouver

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This was a delightful play, although not too shocking. The actors were fabulous, and the play by award winning Canadian playwright Lemoine was lively and witty. Pity, though, that there were only fifteen people in the audience. But with new theatre groups, I guess it's hard to find theatre space during the regular theatre season. And normally, in the summer, people prefer to stay outdoors.

The production company called "gut.see" (I suppose meaning gutsy) has been in existence only since 2005. But I'm glad we have playwrights with the calibre of Canadian playwright Norm Foster and for sure, more will be coming. Canadian theatre is growing in leaps and bounds. Just in Vancouver alone, I've reviewed plays from so many small theatre groups presenting their plays in venues such as the Beaumont Studio, Russian Hall, and Studio 16.

Congratulations to Tiffani Mann. (You're a good kisser.) Also to Jeff Gladstone married to Director Dobbie. (Maybe your wife needed you to practice romancing more.) And Andrew McNee--good transformation of character from Marcus to Otto.

© 2006 Ed Farolan