Snapshots: A Musical Scrapbook

Dates and Venue 29 October – 8 November 2014, 8pm (Sat matinees 2pm) | Studio 1398, Granville Island

Director Chris McGregor Co-Producer, Music Director Wendy Bross Stuart
Stephen Aberie (Dan), Annabel Kershaw (Sue), Warren Kimmel (Daniel), Jocelyn Gauthier (Susan), Daniel Johnston (Danny), Anna Kuman (Susie)

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

This is a story of life gone by and a wife who is thinking of following a different fork in her road of life. She stands with a suitcase in hand ready to leave her present life. Then she and her husband, an older couple, start to go back through a scrapbook of their lives. In the photos we see them in high school, as university grads and then as parents.

I was impressed by the initial impact of the stage setting. The stage is in the centre of the room and in the centre of that are the musicians; a pianist, guitarist and bassist. The actor’s stage area basically surrounds it close to the audience. This makes us feel like part of the performance. A wonderful stage idea!

There are some great voices and fun animation by all the actors. The performance filled all corners of studio. A wonderful fun stage idea is having the pillows and blankets attached to the wall for the bedroom scenes. There was a roar of laughter when the entire cast mimicked the father (Dan) by all appearing in the same plaid shirt that he had on it,

This was a good play but the story line was not unique and similar ones have been done many times. I enjoyed the singing and the choreography was well done.

The only thing that I wish could be changed is the comfort level of the seats. They are pretty hard to sit on through such a long performance. Other than that I would recommend this musical but you may want to bring your own pillow.

© 2014 Karen Fitzgibbon