The Cultch in association with TouchStone Theatre
The Romeo Initiative by Trina Davies

Dates and Venue 14 – 24 November 2013, 8pm | Vancouver Culture Lab, 695 Venables Street

Director Katrina Dunn Set Design Drew Facey Cast Lindsey Angell as Karin Maynard, Daniel Arnold as Markus Richter, Stephanie Izsak asLena Hahn

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

Yes, it was worth the trek in Vancouver’s downpour. Playwright Trina Davies is definitely a visual person. The cast and production staff pulled off a successful play.

The Romeo Initiative is a tale about love, marriage, deceit and espionage. It's a ”who done it.”

During the marriage scene they made huge fun of the photography that goes on at all weddings. The three actors were quite funny when they exaggerated the phony smiles and ridiculous poses. Izsak as Lena did a great job animating the gestures of a jealous woman. The manner in which the set changes were accomplished was very smooth. The lights would dim and the actors danced in and out with the props while just barely missing a collision with each other. Good job.

References during the performance were made to East Germany and the Stasi which was the Ministry of State and its foreign intelligence service. In other words the Secret Police of East Germany, Someone in the cast was involved with them and I am going to be rotten and not tell you who. At one time the Stasi infiltrated the daily life of private citizens as well as companies and institutions. Their directives were against West Germany and the West.

Although the play started off a little slow and had us wondering “Will the plot ever thicken?” It eventually did towards the middle of the play and the last half was well done. The set designing by Drew Facey was simple and effective. The props in Act II had quite an impact when we returned after intermission.

The Cultch is comfortable and cozy on a cold rainy night so come down and see this well produced play.

© 2013 Karen Fitzgibbon