United Players of Vancouver
Regency Revels

Created by Joan Bryans

Venue: Jericho Arts Centre Dates: 4 - 16 January, 2005
Reviewer: Jane Penistan


Director Joan Bryans Harpsichordists Frances Hertzer and Annabelle Liu Choreographer Frances Hertzer Costume design Kate Carr Lighting design Jesse Frank and James Foy Set design Joan Bryans Musical arrangements Joan Bryans Stage Manager Sabrina Evertt

How pleasant to be transported back into the elegance of the 18th century, into the ambience of Jane Austen and her contemporaries. Conducted to a candlelit table and made to feel part of an evening party is a pleasant experience on a cold Vancouver evening.

Here is an evening of amateur entertainment put on by the hosts for the enjoyment of their guests, some of whom arrive in regency costume. Regaled with punch, the entire company joins in the rousing chorus of "The Lincolnshire Poacher".

And so the revels continue with songs and recitations of contemporary verse, some by members of the Austen family, and others by John Gay, Oliver Goldsmith, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. A shortened version of She Stoops to Conquer, is the piece de resistance before the evening concludes with the singing of "Here's to the Maiden".


Then it's back to the 21st century, with cars and all modern conveniences, after a nostalgic hour and a half of a former and distant way of life.

Regency Revels runs at the Jericho Arts Centre, Discovery Road, Tuesday - Sunday aaat 8.00 p.m. January 4- 16 , 2005. For more information, tickets and reservations call604-224-8007, or visit www.unitedplayers.com

2005, Jane Penistan