Tina Overbury's ONLY NINE


by Ed Farolan

Tina Overbury´s psychological drama was very moving.  It was a poetic piece, and what touched me was the beginning and end verses: "I touch you and the air between us speaks."

I talk as a poet and when I feel this verse, it does something to my poetic soul. It lets me feel the poetry of love, love without words, love that just touches and feels.

True to her play's subtitle "Fruit for the Soul", and true to her Persimmons Theatre where she is artistic director, Tina Overbury's Only Nine does provide thought-provoking and soul inspiring theatre.  Her group produces original Canadian plays reflecting social issues and concerns of the community.  And child abuse is a concern that is a reality in our community.

The play which is presently on its Gulf Island Tour reflects three voices of  a child abused when she was nine.  As she grows up, these voices come out to remember the sad memories.  But in the end, all three are reconciled in peace and love.

The three actresses who performed were truly professional, although only one of them belonged to the Canadian Actors Equity: Judy Closkey.  Soundscape by Matt Wolfsohn's synthesizer was  excellent.

During the question and answer session after the show, Tina Overbury expressed how this play served as therapy  for her...letting it all out and forgiving the past.  A truly Christian outlook to the pains and voices she suffered through these years.

She continues writing plays and, as part of the UBC Summerstock, her play I Think You'd Better Sit Down, a one-woman show--story, lyrics and performance by Tina Overbury--will be shown on August 13-15.  For tickets and showtimes, call (604) 872-2792.


Copyright 1998 Ed Farolan