The Comedy Company
Christmas Nuts III (Third Time Lucky)

Dates and Venue 15 – 19 December 2010, 8pm (Wed - Sun) | Jericho Arts Centre, 1675 Discovery

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Whether this company emerged from the Australian and UK TV series, or simply named their company after them, this seasonal comedy revue was comedy at its finest. Wacky characters, tongue-in-cheek situations, parodies of country as well as top stars, ridiculing top musicals and so forth and so on.

The crowd at Jericho was just roaring with laughter with skits like The Cirque du Silly, a high-wire Trapeze Act, The 3 Tenors, a take-off of the Pavarotti, Carreras and Domingo trio, singing their O Sole Mio in Italian, with lyrics enumerating Italian cars and food.

Then come the country stars Tammy Whynott with her D.I.V.O.R.C.E song, spelling out profane words lik a.s.s.h.o.l.e., as though avoiding censorship, and Patsy Cline who carries a picture of Prince William and mouns of her break-up with him.

The Phil Spector’s Commettes Christmas Medley was a good one, almost straight out of the the Rockettes. The Robert Palmer skit was simply hilarious, with six back-up singers, and three of them were out of this world! The audience could help their tears rolling down from too much laughter.

Cilly Dijon was a good one, and Mae West was just perfect, as she went around teasing the male seniors, sitting on their laps and pressing her breasts against their faces. Stand-up comedy with Sister Mary Immaculate and her Irish accent poking fun at both Protestants and Catholics alike, and My Husband, where a British cleaning lady talks about about how great and encyclopedic her husband is.

My favourites were The Full Mounty, a take-off of The Full Monty, where old RCMP foggies bare it all, and If I Were Not, where the comedians expressed what they would rather do in life. And at the end, we all joined in with The 12 Days of Christmas.

What a show! Kudos to the comedic players Dave Brown, Jason Dedrick, Cheryl Hebb, Jason Hilliard, Paul Kloegman, Jennifer Morabito, Leigh Richards, Ray Soden, Dave Turner and Lori Tych. Looking forward to your fourth season!

© 2010 Ed Farolan