Pacific Theatre

Navy Wife

by Jason Milligan

Directed by Morris Ertman

January 30 – February 14, 1998

Reviewer Frank C. Scott

The World Premiere of Navy Wife received great reaction to a packed house at the Pacific Theatre. Los Angeles writer, Jason Milligan, writes from the heart as he tells the story of Claire and Jack Carter's troubled marriage, due to months of separation and the general boredom of naval base life. Although set in Texas at the Port Norris, Naval Air Station during the mid 50's, it is really the story of any couple's failed marriage, regardless of what era or year we're living in. Something that, in this day and age, so many of us can unfortunately identify with.

Beautifully written, the characters are forced to deal with every emotion from A to Z as they face their fears about love, marriage, relationships, choices, and consequences of choices. While Claire finds strength and courage from her troubled relationship to face her fears head on, Jack runs, hides, drinks, does anything to distance himself further from the truth. As things progress from bad to worse, choices are made. Jack chooses a Soldier's march back to his cockpit and his lover's arms. Birdie, Jack's mother, chooses that blood is thicker than water, and Claire chooses to leave. In the end, the audience is left to view all that is left after a broken marriage…an empty house.

Miriam Brown (Claire), Francis Boyle (Jack), and Linda Bush (Birdie) all gave magnificent opening night performances, each showing the real human side of their character. Their performance made you share in their hopes, desires, fears, loneliness, their love, and their sense of loss.

To the Cast and Director of NAVY WIFE I say: Well done!


Copyright 1998 Frank C. Scott