Metro Theatre
Murder on the Nile
by Agatha Christie

Dates and Venue 21 February – 16 March 2013, 8pm | Metro Theatre Centre, 1370 Southwest Marine Drive

Director Alison Schamberger

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

Murder on the Nile takes place aboard a paddle steamer on the Nile. Newlyweds Simon and Kay are being stalked by Simon’s ex- fiancée, Jacqueline de Severac. Kay apparently has stolen Simon from her ex- friend, Jacqueline and so the plot thickens when Jacqueline shows up on their honeymoon cruise. With an assortment of unusual fellow passengers to add some color the story begins.

The curtain rises and Lucas Simon, the Steward is busy dusting and cleaning up the main passenger lounge. Nina Shoroplova, as Miss ffoliot-ffoulkes, an old busy body with an English accent enters the stage. Shoroplova ‘s lines are fast and barely audible. On many occasions we cannot make out what she is saying from where we are sitting and are obviously missing out on some funny lines since the audience in the front are laughing more than we are. Further on in the production her nervousness disappears and we are now laughing at her lines. Greg Radzimowski as William Smith can be heard but his words seem mumbled throughout the entire play.

The bar is raised when Tom Kavadias, as Canon Pennefather, enters with confidence and adds a huge presence with crisp clear lines, and he defines his character well. Kavadias soon turns into a sharp investigator after the murder is committed. The buttoning and unbuttoning of his suit jacket on many occasions is a bit distracting, but he performs well. Breann Grainger, as Jacqueline de Severac the jilted fiancée, is a big personality role and her performance is wonderful. Julia Fox as Kay Mostyn does a fine job at portraying Simon’s jealous bride.

It is great to see this old classic. I have seen it many times throughout the years both on film and on stage. The performance tonight is not as exciting as it could have been presented. From the start the actors appear abnormally nervous both with Simon and Shoroplova. All in all it was Agatha Christie’s work of art and with a bit of polishing the Metro can make it their work of art.

© 2013 Karen Fitzgibbon