Cast of Metro Theatre's Mousetrap. Photo: Brian Campbell
Photo: Brian Campbell

Metro Theatre
Mousetrap by Agatha Christie

Dates and Venue 14 April - 12 May, 8pm (Thurs – Sat with Sun 2pm matinees on 22, 29 April & 6 May) | Metro Theatre, 1370 SW Marine Dr.

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Director Dwayne Campbell did a superb job directing this Agatha thriller, as well as the set which he designed. The cast also did an ingenious task entertaining the matinee audience last Sunday with their odd characters, all suspects of a murder. But knowing Agatha Christie, the one least suspected always ends up being the culprit.

There was even a raffle for last Sunday's show--the one who got it right would get two theatre tickets for the last production of Metro's 2011-12 season, Jane Austen's Emma. As usual, most of us got it wrong when we found out who the murderer was in the second act, and left after curtain call. The ones who got it right I suppose waited for the raffle after curtain call. They probably saw the show or read the play and knew whodunnit..

The play's pacing was good. The show ended in exactly two hours, including intermission. The actors were almost commedia dell'arte stock types: two elderly actors, Mrs. Boyle (Alison Schamberger) and Major Metcalf (Rob Gillespie) a married couple, Mollie Ralston (Lindsay Nelson) and Gilles Ralston (Matt Parsons) and a long lost brother, Christopher Wren (Marco Arimare) and sister, Miss Casewell (Rebecca Strom) and I would say that Arlequno would be Detective Sergeant Trotter (Jordan Spanjers). Il capitano is represented by the conceited overconfident Mr. Paravicini (Jesse Inocalla). Kudos to them for their performance.

Since it first opened in the West End of London 60 years ago, in 1952, this play has been and is still being presented all over the world by schools, community and commercial theatres,

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