Cast and Crew of Metro Theatre's production of I'll be back before midnight
James Behenna and Alice Howell


Metro TheatreMetro Theatre
I'll Be Back Before Midnight by Peter Colley

Dates and Venue 29 Sep - 27 Oct, 8pm (Thurs – Sat with Sun 2pm matinees on 14 & 21 Oct | Metro Theatre,1370 South West Marine Drive

Reviewer Ed Farolan

I attended the first matinee performance of this show, and I was impressed by the actors, the set, the lighting effects and the direction. In fact, I was hearing comments from the audience afterwards saying, "Good show!".

Colley is one of Canada's most successful playwrights and he has written works in a number of genres. In this particular genre which can be tagged as a comedy thriller, he combines elements of Agatha Christie and Stephen King. There is the thriller-mystery aspect from Christie, and the more morbid special effects, with blood and gore, from King.

The playwright autocritiques this play by saying that "the audience should walk a tightrope of hysteria -- not knowing whether the next minute will contain a laugh or a scream". Indeed, we were as an audience always wondering what would happen next, which is what a thriller is all about. And the ending was really a big surprise, a melange of Agatha Christie and Stephen King.

I've always admired the sets (Heather Stewart) of Metro. I heards oohs and aahs and "What a wonderful set!" when the lights came up in the first act. The lighting from sudden dark to light as scenes transitioned were also quite effective. I even noticed lights signifying lightning aimed at the audience in one scene. The flashlight effect was also uncanny.

Kudos to the cast and crew for another successful production!

© 2012 Ed Farolan