Fighting Chance Productions

Matt & Ben by Brenda Withers and Mindy Kaling

Dates and Venue 2-13 Mar 2010 @ 2.30 pm | Havana Theatre (1212 Commercial), Vancouver

Reviewer Susan Peake

Thursday’s opening of Matt and Ben at the Havana Theatre was a winner!
The little room behind the restaurant was reverberating with gales of
laughter as the two stars, Katherine Gauthier (Ben) and Rebecca Strom
(Matt) entertained us with one side-splitting line after another.

Yes, that’s right – two young women play the roles of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.  A stretch?  Not so!  After about two minutes, we get over the
fact that both have their locks tucked under a baseball cap or under the
back of the shirt collar, and we become wrapped up in the comedy.

The story takes place back in the day, when the two were fresh out of
school and looking for ways of making it in the acting business.  They
are working on a script in Ben’s shabby apartment and are struggling
with whether they are wasting their time on their current project. 

It is then that a script literally falls from nowhere entitled “Good Will
”.  The remainder of the play, revolves around the two arguing
over how they should interpret this odd event and where they should be
going with their careers.
Katherine is excellent as the young, immature, goofy but big-hearted
Afflect.  She has his facial expressions and body language down pat.
Her impeccable comedic timing, a skill that few can master, elevates the
clever dialogue to a hilarious level.  It is wonderful to see that this
calibre of talent is right here in our own neighbourhood.

Rebecca is also superb as young Matt, Ben’s intense, serious and
well-meaning buddy.  She provides an excellent ‘straight man’ platform
that is necessary for the comedy to hit home.
Director Laura Mclean should be applauded for her handling of this
uproarious script.  How fortunate we are to have such young, gifted
people in the business.  I look forward to future projects.

Don’t miss the opportunity see this thoroughly entertaining production.
You will not be disappointed.

© 2010 Susan Peake