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Lia Como, Brenda Hildebrandt & Mike GriffinMetro Theatre Centre

Maggie's Getting Married

Director John Crittenden Dates 26 August - 23 September 2006, 20.00 Venue Metro Theatre

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Director Crittenden did a good job type-casting the actors to the roles in this Norm Foster comedy, a truly delightful show that made the audience laugh throughout the entire hour and half.

The "mistaken identity" technique which many comedic playwrights have adapted from the commedia dell'arte really worked well in this play. In fact, Lia Como who plays the lead in this comedy, taught commedia at the Toronto Waldorf School after taking a summer Intensive workshop in Italy at the Reggio Emilia.

Lovely Tamara Mckay fit her role as Maggie's older sister, Wanda, the sexy, voluptuous playgirl, in contrast to the demure, unattractive Maggie.

Brenda Hildenbrandt and Christopher Mansbridge were perfect as their parents. Their timing and delivery of lines were impeccable. They hit the punch lines right and, as seasoned actors, knew how to hold for laughs.

Mike Griffin as Maggie's fiancee Russell was charming, playing the perfect son-in-law-to-be, while James Gill as Axel, Wanda's new boyfriend, was funny with his queerish antiques. I wasn't sure whether he purposely acted gay, as he was an actor by profession.

The parents' kitchen (where the play takes place) was beautifully designed by Dwayne Cambell. It's just a delight seeing the sets of Metro productions. They remind me of the way sets were originally designed, and not the cheap looking and artsy-fartsy sets that are being put up in other Vancouver productions these days.

Congratulations again to the Metro staff for coming up with another great show!

2006 Ed Farolan