Pacific Theatre


by C.S. Lewis

Directed by Ron Reed

Until January 2nd, 1999


by Ed Farolan

If I were asked to direct this adaptation, I´d cringe at the thought of all the actors involved, the sets, and the complex story line.  So, hats off to Ron Reed for accepting a challenge like this and putting on stage a wonderful story of C.S. Lewis!

What´s admirable about this show is how Reed was able to get two characters to play multiple roles, and how, through his creative imagination, was able to use lights and the sets available to him, through the design of Stancil Campbell, to come up with this production.  

By using multi-functional sets, he was able to convey the the Narnia story of Lewis.  A sheet, white on one side, and green on the other, was put on top of tables and chairs to signify the change of seasons, from Winter to Spring.  A wardrobe was used as the entrance to the world of imagination of the two main characters, Lucy played brilliantly by Miriam Brown, also playing the Witch, and Peter,  played by Anthony Ingram, whose energy and multiple roles, including the Lion, fascinated the children who were awed during this matinee show.

At the end of the play , symbolically, the wardrobe was also used as a platform for the death and resurrection of Asian, the Lion.

In the tradition of Poor Theatre, anything is possible if you have a creative director, an imaginative technical director, and excellent actors!

Copyright 1998 Ed Farolan