Carousel Theatre’s Teenage Programme

As You Like It by William Shakespeare

Director/Head Instructor Jack Paterson Voice Instructor Carole Higgins Fight Instructor Nick Harrison Costumes, Set and Props Carmen Alatorre Stage Manager Michael Gunnion

Dates and Venue 1 – 16 August 2008 (Mon-Sat) @ 7.30 p.m. and 2, 4, 9 and 16 August @ 2.00 p.m.) | Performance Works Outdoor Stage in Ron Basford Park on Granville Island

Reviewer Jane Penistan

The Carousel Teenage Programme cast certainly liked it a lot. On Saturday evening, under a summer sky, they joyfully opened their run of Shakespeare’s delightful comedy. This somewhat shortened version of the play, appealed to young actors and audience alike. Performed with appreciation and understanding of the text, the young actors held their audience spellbound.

Set in the early fifties, in Greenwich Village, the costumes were delightful, visually pleasing and wittily distinguishing the characters of the comedy. Actors played percussion accompaniment to the rhythmic speech of the more usually sung lyrics.

Shakespeare’s lines were well spoken and intelligently delivered with a full understanding of the text. All the exuberance of the teenage cast was subtly disciplined and so carried the audience along with its real enjoyment of the performance.

In this very company oriented production, small and apparently insignificant characters were as well acted and realized as those of more major roles. Those more prominent performers, Rosalind and Celia (Sarah Dobsin and Chelsea Graham) and Orlando, (Patrick Mercado) and Jacques (Chelsea Cameron), were outstanding in this talented and well directed company.

Audrey, (Anais West) Phoebe (Lallie Lukens) William (Jackson La Fleur) and Silvius (Alan Lee) were equally well performed, as was that of Eva (Mhairi Simpson) and all the other roles.

The ensemble work of the supporting cast of Belles and Beatniks and FBI, many of whom doubled in smaller speaking roles, was crisp and rhythmical and the dancing of all the cast well rehearsed and performed. Without exception, the speech was clear and audible.

Jack Paterson presented a company of actors and supporting offstage personnel who all worked together in harmony and with dedication to theatre of today and tomorrow in this As You like It. One such as you will be unlikely experience again.

Those of the parent and grandparent generations will enjoy the nostalgia of the fifties and with children and teenagers revel in this comedy of misplaced authority, evil intent, love and compassion, and reparation for deeds ill done.

Enjoy a family outing to Carousel’s great production. It will cost you nothing to see this great show. Regale yourselves with the delectable refreshments offered on site. Colouring pictures and crayons are provided for those of artistic bent. Cushions and blankets are available in case of need. What more could you ask for a summer family outing. Enjoy!

© 2008 Jane Penistan