Jenna Grubaugh, Ryan Mooney, and Kathryn Stewart in Metro Theatre's production of Lend Me a Tenor
Steve Dotto, Grenna Grubaugh, and Val Dearden


Cast and Crew of Metro Theatre's Lend Me A TenorMetro Theatre
Lend Me A Tenor by Ken Ludwig

Dates and Venue 3 Nov - 1 Dec @ 8pm (Thurs – Sat) with Sun 2pm matinees on 18 & 25 Nov | Metro Theatre,1370 South West Marine Drive

Reviewer Ed Farolan

What zaniness and mayhem with Ryan Mooney (Max), Joel Montgrand (Tito Morelli), Steve Dotto (Henry Saunders) Val Dearden (Julia), Jenna Grubaugh (Maggie) , Anita Reimer (Maria), Kat Stewart (Diana) and Bon Dos Remedios (Bellhop) in this Ludwig farce directed by Catherine Morrison to celebrate Metro’s 50th Anniversary!

And as usual, what wonderful scene design and light effects by Les Erskine. Metro is known for having exquisite sets, and I marvel at how creative the production team is. Costumes by Zoe Watson were pristine.

The pacing of the play was perfect, and you really need a fast pace for comedies like this. The audience was giggling from beginning till the end as the actors delivered their double entendre lines and entered/exited through doors with perfect timing. Hysteria is perhaps the word to use for this comedy of mistaken identities.

Everytime I come and see a Metro production, the plays get better. Morrison chose the actors well. I was impressed by Montgrand and Reimer with their Italian accents and the way they exchanged words, typically Italian, gestures, passion and expressions. Dotto was excellent as the hysterical empresario, and Mooney as a comic actor is always impressive, although his singing isn't very good (which, I believe, was intentional).

Stewart as the passionate soprano exuded her sexuality quite glowingly; veteran actress Dearden played Julia remarkably well; Grubaugh was wonderful as the tenor's fan finally hearing bells when she kisses her true love, Max; and last but not least, Dos Remedios as the bothersome bellhop was funny.

Kudos to cast and crew for another successful mise-en-scene!

© 2012 Ed Farolan