xFraser Valley Gilbert & Sullivan Society
Jack and the Beanstalk

Dates and Venue November 25 – 28 & December 2 - 5 at 7:30 (Matinees Nov. 28/29 and Dec. 5/6 at 3pm) | Surrey Arts Centre

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Wonderful panto! This is one of the best pantos I've seen in years. Michelle Gaetz (Jack) was perfect for the role of our hero in this panto. Her singing and speech projection was clear and lucid. Dann Wilhelm (Fleshcreep) was just right for the villainous role. The audience of mostly kids enjoyed booing and hissing at him. Deanne Ratzlaff (Vegetable Fairy) was funny with her leek wand. Silly Billy (Samantha Andrews) enjoyed every time the audience said "Hello, Billy!" to him.

Naturally, the star of the show was Roger Kettyls (Dame Trot) who carried the show from beginning to end with his corny jokes hitting on Stephen Harper, Christy Clark and the beautiful village of Whalley. The other supporting actors were delightful: Adrian Duncan (King Satupon VII), Lionel Rust (Sergeant Span), Walden Hoggatt (Clarence Clanger), Rosemary Frost (Queen Mum), Breanna Branson (Mrs. Blunderbore), Alex Cameron (Corporal Span), Dane Ogilvie (Giant Blunderbore), Elizaneth Seaman (Princess Melanie), and Paige Thomsen (Goosepimple).

The kids who composed the chorus ensemble were likewise terrific as they danced and sang. Kudos to Artistic Director Mike Balser, Choreographer Carol Seitz, Music Director Tim Tucker, Producer Lyn Verra-Lay and the production staff for all the hard work you put into this fabulous panto.


© 2015 Ed Farolan