The Improv Musical

Dates and Venue Opens 21 July | Improv Centre, Granville Island, Vancouver

Reviewer Anita York

My face is still hurting from laughing hysterically for a full hour. Tonight's show was based on firefighting as an occupation. The opening and closing song, "The blaze is out/ you got to shut her down/ if you don't the people will frown", sung by the all six cast members was  simply hilarious.

A duet, "Something about you makes me know I'm not gay", performed by Josephine (Ellen Kennedy) and Mathew (Alan Marriot), set the house on fire. Pete Scandalous (Michael Robinson) played an aphthalene crazed arsonist, intent on burning down all the Canadian banks in Vancouver.

Meanwhile Josephine and Ted (Shaun Stewart) vie for the position of Fire Chief. Gillian (Elizabeth Bowen), Pete Scandalous' wayward daughter, and her best friend Violet (Briana Buckmaster), a Bronx tough girl, sang You don't know what it's like to be a girl to a somewhat macho and  confused Ted.

It was so refreshing to see a West Coast rendition of political incorrectness. This one-hour jam-packed show, with non-stop stupendous improv antics, should definitely be on your summer agenda.

© 2010 Anita York