Raving Theatre
My Big Gay Italian Wedding
by Anthony J Wilkinson

Dates and Venue October 23 to November 2 2013, 8pm, November 2pm | Vancity Culture Lab, 1895 Venables Street

Director Becky Oben Producer Tara Webster Assistant Producers Matthew Fedorowicz, Bruce Hill Stage Manager Jo Gray

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

I absolutely loved this performance. A gay wedding is about to take place and there is chaos, jealousy and humour. It is fast moving, funny, with great choreography and bright outrageous costumes. The play presents the beauty in a gay male couple’s relationship as well as the trials and tribulations of being in an Italian family. Some lines are heartfelt and poignant.

It is quite a challenge to convince your Catholic priest to perform a marriage ceremony for a gay couple. Will he or won’t he? Well come on down to the Cultch to find out. Natalie Schreiber as Maria is hilarious, a great singer and she could lead the world’s best Congo line. Leanne Kuzminski as Aunt Toniann made a great, sexy, gum chewing Italian aunt. Kuzminski’s walk in her tight short leopard skin dress was really funny.

This is a must see play. You have the high emotions involved in decision making as to who is doing what and who is organizing what for the wedding. An ex lover is trying to ruin everything, so of course big truths eventually come out. The entire wedding party dancing together is just the best scene. There are bumps and grinds and wonderful music that makes you want to jump on stage to join them. The entire cast is professional, talented and they bring forth a very successful comedy. If you decide to come down, practice up on your chicken dance, after all you are attending a wedding and what would a wedding be without the chicken dance.

© 2013 Karen Fitzgibbon