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Spring Break Theatre Festival
Axis Theatre Company

Driftwood, A Retelling of the Adventures of Pinocchio
By Deborah Williams

Director Wayne Sprecht Composer Bob Buckley Set design Ivan Morissette Costume Sheila White Stage Manager John Verhaeven

Dates various throughout Frestival Venue New Revue Stage Granville Island
Reviewer Jane Penistan

Axix Theatre Co. - Driftwood

This is a new take on the well-loved tale of Pinocchio. On Saturday morning an almost full house was enchanted by the presentation. Nary a whine or a fidget was audible throughout the 45 minutes of the lively performance of high standard acting, singing, dancing and puppetry.

The set was a story book illustration of a house front which opened to reveal a little book shop, but window blinds came down to display other mysterious scenes. Stage left was a fantastic horse whose whinny announced naughtiness in progress. It was all magic!

Two actors, Noah Drew and Rachel Robillard, were Chip/ Pinocchio, and the versatile Josephine. She proved to be a bibliophile with a mission to reform the mischievous, thieving, illiterate Chip. She also used puppets artfully as animals, a bird and fish, as well as energetically dancing and singing with her protégé - a no less accomplished performer. After many adventures, including a trip into the interior of a whale, Chip became a hero, rescuing Josephine from imminent danger, and resolving to reform. And yes, Chip/Pinocchio did have a nose, which grew or diminished.

This show enthralled the audience. Take in as many Spring Break Theatre Festival shows as you can. If they are of the standard of this one, everyone will have a memorable school holiday to write about.

Spring Break Theatre Festival runs March 11 – 17, 2006 at various venues. For information try or telephone 604-687-1644 or Ticketmaster at 604-280-3311.

© 2006 Jane Penistan