Margret Nyfors  


dragons den

Vancouver TheatreSports
Dragons' Improv Tank by Louise Moon and Roger Fredericks

Dates and Venue 19 - 28 April 2012, 7.30pm | The Improv Centre

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

This was not one of the best improvs that I`ve seen. More preparation could have been done. Even though it is an improv, actors have to do some study and scenario rehearsing to capture an audience. Anyone in the audience could have performed better last night. There have been more real laughs in the actual serious TV show Dragons Den than in this improv.

However, Margret Nyfors made a great host for the show and may well have been the best part of it. Her love of improv showed and she most definitely must have rehearsed to achieve her tongue-in-cheek character. Furthermore, the stage set design for the show was well done for a comedy, with crooked doors and windows off-centre.

Nevertheless, the gorilla suit looked as though it was still on the hanger or on a stick man. When the gorilla game was introduced, there were no animated guerrilla movements or sounds to at least make it funny. An actor shouldn`t put on a costume and then just stand there. I realize that the gorilla was supposed to be invisible to the actors but (guess what?) the audience can see you even if the actors aren`t supposed to. In general, there was not enough involvement or enthusiasm by all three dragons. I felt there was an air of boredom with the actors. Putting on a wig or a costume does not make a person funny.  It is great ACTING that makes great comedy.

This was just the first of many performances and I am sure there will be great improvements over time. The story line is a good one with great potential if there is the right amount of effort and enthusiasm by the actors.

© 2012 Karen Fitzgibbon