Theatre Melee in association with Rumble Productions
Cozy Catastrophe by Courtenay Dobbie, Craig Hall, Andrew McNee, Erin Mathews, Michel Rinaldi & Juno Rudell

Dates and Venue 22 October - 4 November 2012, 8pm | Vancity Culture Lab, The Cultch

Directors Courtenay Dobbie & Craig Hall

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

Opening night: October 22nd. It was a packed house. This play was wonderfully executed. The scene is a warehouse with debris scattered everywhere. There are loud bombing sounds, flashes of light through small shaded windows and swaying light fixtures then suddenly it is dark and quiet.

After some kind of an explosion four strangers find their way to a storage room. Each stranger enters at separate times but with great difficulty. As they force open the door to enter they are virtually blown inside. With their clothes in tatters and with minor injuries two men and two women realize they are now in big trouble and their fates may be hours away. The four go through all sorts of scenarios on how to survive and start searching for items in the store room that would aid in their survival. Finally a third woman finds her way into the storage room with the four strangers. She is dying and takes a long time to do so with funny writhing and moaning.

The writing was terrific and the cast did a magnificent job keeping the audience laughing. There were very strong female roles played by Tanya Podlozniuk (Susan) who goes through great contortions while dying and eventually turns into a vampire and Juno Ruddell (Rhonda) who has developed a hilarious way of running that brought the house down. The play was fast moving, great acting, great humour and perfect sound, lighting and stage effects. All five actors played their parts flawlessly. This wonderful little play is on until November 4th so if you want to experience offbeat humour come down to the Cultch with comfortable seats and attentive staff, four of whom are named Jennifer (it’s true). They go by the names one, two, three and four.

© 2012 Karen Fitzgibbon