Pacific Theatre

Cotton Patch Gospel

Book by Tom Key & Russell Treyz

Music & Lyrics by Harry Chapin

Based on the writings of civil rights activist Clarence Jordan

Directed by Morris Ertman

Plays Oct 23rd - Nov 21st

Tickets (604) 731-5518

Heee-Haww…It's country hoe-down   time at the Pacific Theatre!

by Frank C. Scott

That's right folks, I ain't whistling Dixie…I'm talking about that spirited, upbeat, blue grass musical…the Cotton Patch Gospel, so put on your boots and swing your partner on down. You'll be clapping and toe tapping to the jubilation as Jesus goes head to head with the Governor of Alabama, the IRS, revival preachers, and the Ku Klux Klan. That's right folks, I told you I wasn't whistling Dixie, and if you still haven't caught my drift, remember this…Jesus does not run his father's house like a multinational business, or a bank.

Cotton Patch Gospel finds its roots from Clarence Jordan, a Christian civil rights activist who rewrote the parables of Jesus for his racially mixed community near Georgia, Alabama. In 1981, Tom Key and Russell Treyz adapted his writings then worked with Harry Chapin to create a musical stage version .

Morris Ertman masterfully directs this revival production using a theatre in the round style and allows his talented cast to show their stuff. Ertman, a well-known Canadian director, earned himself a Jessie Richardson Award nomination when he last directed this musical in 1994.

The Cast: Spencer Capier (Violin/Mandolin), Allen des Noyers (Musical director/Banjo), Tim Dixon (Voice), Ron Reed (Guitar), and Wyndham Thiessen (Bass/Slide Guitar), all shine as performers. Their musical and vocal talents added many poignant moments, sharpening the musical's bite. To all Cast and Crew I say…Well done. Great kick off to your 15th anniversary season.

Copyright 1998 Frank C. Scott