A Community of Two

by Jerome Chodorov

Director Dwayne Campbell

Dates and Venue 4 November - 2 December 2006 Wed to Sat – 8pm @ Metro Theatre (1370 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver)

Reviewer Ed Farolan

Another delightful comedy by Metro! Alix Carpenter (Sheila Burns), a divorcee of one month, is locked out of her own apartment and is rescued by her thrice-divorced neighbor across the hall, Michael Jardeen (Nigel Vonas). What ensues afterwards gets funnier when Alix's ex-husband, Robert Carpenter (Miles Lavkulich) shows up, followed by their son Tim (Matt Clarke) and his girl friend Terry (Bree Greig). Then enters Michael's Swedish girl friend Olga (Lisa Gach) who catches Alix and Michael in his bedroom, and finally, the locksmith, Mr. Greenberg (George Kopt) putting the finishing touches to this really hilarious and charming comedy.

Apparently, it's only Metro Theatre in all of Vancouver that still comes up with theatre the way theatre should be. From a production point of view, the set design is just marvelous. The elevator concept was just ingenious. This is where the center of all action takes place: in a foyer with the elevator opening and closing and all these funny characters coming in and going out.

I felt, though, that Matt Clarke should project and articulate more; Lisa Gach should work more on her accent; it sounded more Ukrainian than Scandinavian. And George Kopt should take his time with his lines because they're so witty and clever.

Sheila Burns, Miles Lavkulich, Bree Greig, and Nigel Vonas were just perfect for their roles and played their parts really well.

This was another enjoyable production of Metro Theatre. Congratulations to Director and Set Designer Dwayne Campbell for this show, the 418th production of Metro!


© 2006 Ed Farolan