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Metro Theatre Centre


Written by Michael Cooney Directed by Don Glossop

Dates 10 June-08 July 2006 Venue Metro Theatre, Vancouver

Reviewer Ed Farolan

From start to finish, the audience was continuously laughing at this delightful comedy excellently acted by Rory Gylander (Eric Swan), Michelle Collier (Linda Swan), Richard Bernard (Norman McDonald), Gerard Ponsford (Mr. Jenkins), John Hedgecock (Uncle George), Tracy Labrosse (Sally Chessington), Michael Studiak (Doctor Chapman), Simon Driver (Mr. Forbright), Sue Sparlin (Mrs. Cowper), and Donita Dyer (Brenda Dixon).

The timing was perfect, although actors have to learn to hold their lines until laughter subsides so their lines can be heard. The "deaf" scene was the best and people were rolling in the aisles with Richard Bernard's not only funny face but humorous antics.

Rory Gylander was just literally running all over the stage from beginning to end, as he played the central character and there was practically no respite to his acting.

I was just a bit annoyed with the houselights being turned on and off in the beginning of the play and also during intermission. Whether this was done on purpose to make this comedy funnier I don't know, but it was amateurish. This was compensated, though, with the professional acting and directing.

In his program notes, Johnny Duncan berates reviewers who never review Metro productions. Well, Johnny, here's your faithful reviewer who has been reviewing Metro Theatre productions. And this is one theatre critic who believes that theatre should entertain.

© 2006 Ed Farolan