Chutzpah! Festival
The Lisa Nemetz Showcase of Jewish Performing Arts

HAUNTED by Daniel Karasik

Dates and Venue Feb 27 & 28 2013, 8pm and March 1 – 3 2013, 2pm & 8pm (Talk back March 2, 2pm) | Norman and Annette Rothstein Theatre at the JCC, 950 West 41st Avenue

Reviewer Karen Fitzgibbon

We enter the cozy Norman and Annette Rothstein Theatre to see a unique stage set. Large see-through screens separated the bedroom from the main house and become the backdrops onto which ghostly figures are projected.

Haunted involves a mother - Abby Shiner (Kerry Sandomirsky), a Rabbi - David Green (Patrick Sabongui), Abby’s daughter Sarah Shiner (Carmel Amit) and Sarah’s gay partner Raina Maclaine (Kayla Deorksen). Abby’s husband has died and her daughter feels his presence which moves her to paint each time she feels his presence. The others find this odd and disturbing.

Well as a reviewer I have to say that this production was not Chutzpah. It was slow, very little action, and these actors needed more to sink their teeth into in order to present entertaining theatre. We were not entertained. There were two funny lines like: “There should be a Statute of limitations on criticizing a man after they are dead”, in regards to the father who has recently passed away. The other line refers to the Rabbi’s inability to stop his manly physical reaction in his lower extremity as Abby holds him close. I writhed in my seat from absolute boredom. Maybe the play won the 2012 Canadian Jewish Playwriting Competition but the production of it in our opinion would not win awards of any kind.

This play has possibilities and I would like to see it redone into a successful theatre production that will keep the audience interested and stimulated.

© 2013 Karen Fitzgibbon