Broken Sex Doll
by Andy Thompson with original music by Anton Lipovetsky

Dates and Venue 12 – 22 Nov, | York Theatre, Vancouver.

Writer, Director & Producer Andy Thompson Musical Director Courtenay Ennis Original Music Anton Lipovetsky Lighting Design and Technical Direction Jeff Harrisonl Costume Design Drew Facey Sound Design Brian Linds Video Design Corwin Ferguson Touring Set Design David Roberts Choreography The Contingency Plan Makeup Design Elizabeth McLeod Prosthetics Design Tomasz Sosnowski Set Construction Duncan MacCallum Sound Programming Phil Ronayne Stage Manager Susan Miyagishima

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This sci-fi musical sex comedy set in the not too distant future (2136) pokes fun at the more serious sci-fi films like Terminator, Transformers, Million Dollar Man, Star Trek, Aliens, etc., where cyborgs and androids are the main characters.focus. Everyone is totally pre-occupied with virtual sex and social media, and the story begins like Million Dollar Man or Million Dollar Woman or similar sci-fi movies where a human has an accident and bionic parts are installed to make them super-human.

In this sex musical, Daryl (Benjamin Elliott) is transformed into a sex machine by an android, Ginger (Chelsea Rose Tucker) because she's lonely and needs a companion. Meanwhile, super-villain The King (Neezar) gets jealous because Daryl is beating him in the charts for popularity, ranking him now as number 2. So he tries to get rid of him with the help of his mom (Greg Armstron-Morris) with her super-laser gun, but, as in all typical melodramas, love triumphs over all adversity and our hero and heroine with the help of three other broken sex dolls (Alex Gullason, Adriana Simone Ravalli and Ranae Miller) come out at the end victorious.

It's refreshing to have musical farces like this one. A lot of musicals these days are grim, like Urinetown, and I'm glad this musical which was shown last year at the Cultch makes its reprise at York which is now an extension of The Cultch. The main characters from last year, Elliott and Neezar,are the same. Chelsea Rose Tucker who plays Ginger is new to the cast in this production.

Accolades to the actors: they were funny and delightful. Kudos to Director/Writer/Producer Andy Thompson and his production staff for an entertaining show. It's that kind of a show that gives us a glimpse of what tomorrow might be for us humans.

© 2014 Ed Farolan