Vancouver TheatreSports League


Dates and Venue Opens October 1, 2009, @ 7.30pm | Revue Stage, Granville Island

Reviewer Ed Farolan

What a zany show! I've always enjoyed the very funny improvs of this world-renowned improv company. Even Jay Ono, Founder and Director, got a few laughs and cheers when he welcomed us at the gala night opening. He said "Save it for the might run out of applauses!"

I've been reviewing this company for the past 10 years. I believe the first show I reviewed was "Star Trick". The improvs are take-offs from movies and TV shows. For this one, obviously, it's from that dating show we know all about, and our own Vancouverite Gillian was the bachelorette in that TV show just recently. I was informed that she was invited to see this improv. That would be a gas if she comes, and it's going to be a really zany night for her and the actors, and of course, the audience..

VTSL's shows change cast members, and each night has a different cast. In the opening night, Loretta was played by Margret Nyfors, and the five suitors were Ken Lawson, Michael Robinson, Allen Morrison, Nathan Clark and Brian Anderson. Tim Cadeny played the host of the show. In this particular improv, Loretta is a bachelorette and the object of desire of five suitors. As in the TV show, there is a series of date challenges and rose ceremony eliminations. At the end of the series, and after eliminating all but one, "bacheloretta" decides which of her paramours wins her heart and hand in marriage.

As always, the audience is asked to provide suggestions for topics, such as where the dates should take place, and then the actors improvise depending on where they are placed. In the opening night show, Spain, Jamaica, and the Arts Club Theatre were chosen. The Arts Club scene was a bit disgusting, Loretta vomitted all throughout, and this was because an audience member suggested that Loretta had the stomach flu. But, anyhow, it drew a lot of laughs.

Everyone was funny, and did their improvs really well. One of the scenes that had the audience rolling on the aisles was the ballet scene, again suggested by the audience. At the end, Ken Lawson seemed to be the crowd's favourite and ended up being the chosen one.

© 2009 Ed Farolan