Broadway Across Canada

Mean Girls

When & Where January 23 to 28, 2024 | Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 630 Hamilton Street

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Reviewer Darren Cordeiro

Due to the popularity of the original cult-classic movie Mean Girls from the early 2000s, a musical has been born that is now available as a Broadway play as well as a motion picture film that is currently in theatres. Attending the opening night for the Broadway play at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre was a ‘fetch’ing experience filled with a sold-out crowd, vibrant dancing and musical tunes to keep you tapping your toes throughout the performance.

This coming-of-age plot highlights the woes of adolescence in a humorous manner, focusing on highschool social hierarchies, young romances, bullying and ultimately compassion for your fellow classmates. The cast executed the story beautifully, filled with top-notch singing and dancing. I was thoroughly impressed with how these young performers had memorized all their lines while dancing complicated numbers and all singing in tune. The vocals from the leads were powerful and kept the audience’s energy level high from start to finish.

The set was well executed and was definitely at a Broadway level versus community theatre. Backdrops included the African savannah, highschool locker rooms, teenage girls’ bedrooms and more. Given the limited real estate on the stage, it was impressive how they transformed the sets so quickly to transport the audience from one scene to the next seamlessly.

The costumes were on point, truly reflecting the various social hierarchies in highschool. They ranged from the Mean Girls/ ‘In’ Crowd to the “Math”letes Geeks and every other niche in between. This helped truly illustrate the story and brought everyone back to a time when they were in highschool.

If you’re looking for a fun night out, head on down to check this musical out as you surely won’t be disappointed. Unlike the Mean Girls tagline, the Queen E Theatre will “let you sit with them!”

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