Kate Craven and Christiaan Westerveld
Photo: Shimon Photo

Mitch and Murray Productions

An Intervention written by Mike Bartlett

When & Where March 8-17, 2024, evenings at 8pm, matinees: March 10, 13, & 17 at 1pm | Performance Works, 1218 Cartwright Street

Director Aaron Craven Set Designer David Roberts Costume Designer Julie White Lighting Designer Hina Nishioka Stage Manager Susan Curril

Reviewer Shakeela Begum

An Intervention, crafted by Olivier Award-winning playwright Mike Bartlett and directed by Aaron Craven, delves into the complexities of friendship amidst personal and political divides. This play aims to hold a mirror to the nuanced dynamics of relationships challenged by external pressures. While it presents a compelling premise, the execution sometimes leaves the audience wanting more, as the characters, portrayed by Kate Craven and Christiaan Westerveld, at times seem ensnared in self-centeredness, slightly overshadowing the deeper narrative.

Despite this, Craven and Westerveld deliver performances that are commendable, illustrating the intricate dance of tension and affection that defines the essence of their characters' friendship. There are moments, however, where the portrayal could benefit from additional layers, to more fully explore the complexities at the heart of the story.

The play's thematic exploration of intervention—questioning the right moments to step into a friend's conflict—is both timely and provocative. It invites the audience to reflect on their own relationships and the challenges of navigating differing beliefs. An Intervention is successful in sparking dialogue and prompting introspection on these themes, even if it occasionally skims the surface of its characters' deeper struggles.

In summary, An Intervention is a thoughtful, albeit sometimes surface-level, examination of the trials of friendship against a backdrop of societal discord. It's a narrative that resonates with our contemporary moment, encouraging a reexamination of empathy, understanding, and the delicate balance required to maintain meaningful connections amidst diversity of thought. The play represents a significant conversation starter, even as it navigates the intricate terrain of human connection with varying degrees of depth.

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