The Cultch and Ronnie Burkett
Forget Me Not

Dates and Venue February 4 – March 1, 2020 at 7.30pm | Secret Location to be revealed to audience members before the show.

Creator and Performer Ronnie Burkett Music Composer John Alcorn Artistic Associate Terri Gillis Dramaturge Matt McGeachy Stage Manager/Technical Director Crystal Salverdal

Reviewer Darren Cordeiro

An evening filled with laughter, tears and pure artistic beauty was revealed by iconic Canadian puppeteer Ronnie Burkett. With excitement commencing upon arrival at the mysterious, secret location provided to the audience, we immediately felt we were granted a privileged pass for us strangers to be united as a collective unit for one night only to revel in the sheer talent of this genius.

Delivered through his intricately designed puppets, the plot unravels the plight and amity of two unusually matched circus-type performers as well as the love that sparked between the ringmaster and a beautiful starlet.The plot touched on a multitude of themes, including betrayal, loss, and happiness.

The audience was directed by Burkett to be engaged throughout the performance as each one of us received our own unique handpuppet that helped guide the plot – literally, as our hands formed the path the puppets walked on. This brought us together as one ensemble, working together to help deliver the performance.

There were echoes of laughter, sheds of tears and true networking that ensued as the audience bonded with the puppets. With an audience of all ages and backgrounds, it was beautiful to see how we all worked together with our puppets to create one welcoming and accepting environment.

The décor of the venue, as well as the props and puppets were top-notch. The audience served as the maestro where Burkett further engaged us by requesting tracks be placed and played from his turn table to accompany the scene.

Experiencing the inner workings of Burkett’s beautiful mind was a privilege for the group as he is a master of his unique craft. This is a once in a lifetime experience that anyone who has a flair for creativity and out-of-the-box theatre will surely not forget.

© 2020 Darren Cordeiro