Jalen Saip
Photo courtesy of Improv Centre

The Improv Centre

International Women's Day: Fashionably Late

When & Where March 14, 2024 | The Improv Centre, 1502 Duranleau Street

Reviewer Eve Newstead

I'm not sexist but women just aren’t as funny as men. Ever heard that one before? Of course you have. Comedy is just another arena dominated by men. So for The Improv Centre to insist on an International Women’s Day event, even if itrequired being held a week late, set the tone for a night with an electric atmosphere.

Seats were full, with a school trip all the way from Calgary in many of them, and the crowd were on hand with shout outs. With such a large set of comedians, confidence and delivery inevitably varied. Particularly in the first act; there were some voices barely heard past initial introductions.

The games were classics seen at The Improv Centre. The players bounced off one another throughout and worked dynamically as a team. Most bits succeeded to reach a punchline, even the waning musical finale.

Stand out of course was Jalen Saip - The Improv Centre’s very own artistic director – who hosted with an infectiously high spirit in the first half then injected confidence into games as a player in the second. The switch was done with Jacki Gunn,who drove games forward and delivered improv’s necessary quick wit in both roles.

The night proved Mr. (because who’re we kidding) Not Sexist But wrong. Women in comedy should not be a novelty, but a norm.

© 2024 Eve Newstead