The Academy Symphony Orchestra

Conductor Sidney Harth

Gabriel Faure Dolly Suite, op.56; Johann Sebastian Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 BWV 1049

Date 30 November 2008 @ 8pm Venue Orpheum Theatre

Reviewer Michael Pink

The Academy Symphony Orchestra performed November 30th at the elegant Orpheum Theatre with precision and beauty under the direction of internationally renowned conductor, Sidney Harth.

Harth is a true superstar in the orchestra world. He has been a Concertmaster with the New York and Los Angeles Philharmonics and was a professor of violin at Yale University. His reputation and experience is truly international in scope.

The first, Dolly Suite, op.56 by Gabriel Faure, which included Berceuse; Mi-A-Ou; Le Jardin de Dolly; Kitty –Valse; Tendresse, and Le Pas Espagnol.The second featured Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 BWV 1049 by Johann Sebastian Bach, and included Allegro; Andante and Presto. In this piece, the orchestra was joined by Robert Rozek on the violin and flutists Brenda Fedoruk and Anne-Elise Keefer.

Robert Rozek is head of the violin program at the Vancouver Academy of Music. He has both taught and toured in Norway, China, Switzerland, America and England. Rozek has also appeared with Jose Careras, Mirella Freni, Cecelia Bartoli, and the late Luciano Pavarotti.

Brenda Fedoruk is currently principal Flute with the Vancouver Opera Orchestra and second Flute with the CBC Radio Orchestra. Ms. Fedoruk has also recorded for commercial film projects including: Airbud; MVP, Space Buddies, and the Lonesome Dove television series. Anne Elise-Keefer has a busy international career performing with the VSO, Orchestra London, Broadway musicals and nine ballet companies.

The first two pieces of the evening resonated with deep serenity and soft tones. The third piece was much more lively and energetic and delivered with true symphonic gusto. The Academy Symphony Orchestra presented an impressive and technically precise evening of classical music. To have the added luster of a master like Harth simply completed the circle of outstanding music joy for the audience.

© 2008 Michael Pink